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Throughout the year, there will be various opportunities to participate in fundraisers in the organization. Fundraising profits will be applied to your accounts, through credits. These credits will not be available for individual payout, but only for one of the following scenarios:

  1. Apply to current balance or Save for next season
  2. Use for tournaments / camps
  3. Other scholastic hockey programs (MS, HS, etc.)
  4. Transfer to another player

Any additional questions may be sent to

Credits will be applied when a program is set to accept credits and a user has credits in the system. If both of these are in place, during registration a credit option will appear. The user will have the option to select "Yes, use my credit."

Members can also view their credit balance via the member portal. This can be found on your Dashboard, near the top-right of the page.

Commitment Fee
The commitment fee, paid prior to tryouts, can be viewed as a deposit for the upcoming season. After the tryout evaluations complete, the player will be invited to participate/accept in a team. This invitation will need to be accepted/declined within 24 hours ... upon acceptance or the 24 hour window, the commitment fee will be placed on the invoice for the upcoming season cost. If a player declines their team placement, the fee of 250 dollars will be refunded.

Tryout Fee
The 40 dollar tryout fee is assessed to a player who wishes to tryout for an upcoming season for the Johnstown Warriors. This fee is used to cover costs of ice, evaluation software, and other administrative costs for the sessions. This fee is non-refundable.

Fundraising credits can be accumulated throughout a year. As individual fundraising amounts are applied to the player accounts, they will be applied in the following order: 

  1. If a player or family has an open invoice, the credits will automatically be applied to that invoice 
  2. If a player or family has paid off all active invoices, the credits will be applied to the family account to use for other camps, tournaments, or saving for the next season.

Please see "How can fundraising credits be used in the organization" FAQ for more options.

As you may have noticed, this year the league migrated to a new software platform called LeagueApps. Much like SportsEngine (the previous software system), there is both a web application and a mobile application for your phone.

Much of the team communication will revolve around chat messages which can only be accessed in the mobile app. Please see the link below for a step by step instruction on installing and using the app. App Information: